I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine

Together as a couple you have found the love that has lasted for years. Now is the time for the two of you to share your continued love and admiration for each other with loved ones by renewing your wedding vows.

Vow renewal is gaining in popularity in recent years. Many couples renew their vows as part of a celebration, such as a milestone anniverary. A couple that has been married for multiple years want to include their children and other loved ones in renewing their love for each other. The love that has, no doubt, seen them through thick and thin, highs and lows, heartache and joys.  Kathryn has been given the honour of officiating at many of these special occasions. They are some of her favorite cermonies to compose because they encompass so much in a couples lives.

Quite a few renewal's are a part of a "blended" family. Brides and Grooms who have found love later in life with children from previous relationships. These wedding ceremonies and vows usually include the children in the ceremony as a gesture of unity for the  family,  thus making it one.

The same as interviewing a couple that are just starting their life together, Kathryn will come to your home and meet with you.  Most times, if there are children that are going to be a part of the wedding they are also in attendance at this meeting.  At this time she will gather all the stories and events that led you to the path you are now on as a couple and a family. Once Kathryn has gathered all that she can, she will compose the love story that will become your wedding ceremony and vows.

We all know how special your wedding day is the first time, imagine how glorious it can be the second time. Think of all the amazing events, memories and special times that make up your lives as a whole and imagine them all put to paper and how special it will be  to share it all with your loved ones on your special day. Loved ones that may or may not have been at your first ceremony, because they have come into your lives later in life.

Take this time of your life to enjoy the little things that make you happy. Kathryn will personalize your love story and in doing so create another wonderful memory for you and your loved one's to cherish for many more years to come.

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